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  • August 9, 2011 9:24 pm

    Meet Kate Kiefer, the content curator at MailChimp!


    This interview is long and awesome, so I’ll keep the intro short. Kate lives in Atlanta with her photographer husband and their Great Dane, Leon. She works as the content curator at MailChimp. 

    All photos of the MailChimp office are courtesy of Kate. She’s in the final pic. I love the wooden desks, the lights and that guy with the beard who looks so serious.

    Oh, read this if you’re curious why I’m interviewing copywriters. Otherwise, let’s start the interview already.


    / Hi Kate! So tell us about MailChimp. What do you guys do and how did you join the company?

    MailChimp is a DIY email-marketing service. We make it easy to create, send and track email newsletters. We have more than 900,000 users and about 100 employees. Two years ago, there were only 20 employees.

    I loved that MailChimp was such a bright light in an otherwise dull industry. When I found out they were ready to hire a content person, I was all over it. I work in the creative department with the public site’s designers, developers and another writer. It’s a super collaborative environment, and every day I’m inspired by my colleagues’ creativity. And lucky for me, everyone here understands that words are important! It’s pretty dreamy.

    This Fast Company article gives you a nice picture of what it’s like to work here.

    / Describe your role as Content Curator. What keeps you busy?

    I work with MailChimp’s creative team to plan, create and publish our content, and I make sure it gets proper care and feeding.

    My role has evolved quite a bit over the past year. So far, it’s been a natural progression from simply writing and editing to truly curating MailChimp’s content. I spent my first month or so reading every page on the site, putting together a content inventory, and having panic attacks because I didn’t understand words like “deliverability” and “user-agent stats.”

    After I got my bearings and really got to know MailChimp’s public site and app, I started rewriting most of our guides and editing the website content for grammar and style. I learned so much about MailChimp that way. That led to writing new content, which led to reorganizing existing content. When I started suggesting we throw out bad content, I knew I’d found my place here.

    We have another writer on the creative team now, which allows me to spend more time working with our marketing director to improve MailChimp’s content on a larger scale. But I still write and edit every day. I write marketing content, template copy within the app, blog posts, you name it. I even wrote a coloring book.

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